What You'll Learn

The Veterinary Financial Summit is the first and ONLY financial conference for veterinary professionals. Featuring sessions on Personal Finance & Practice Management topics, the Summit seeks to bridge the gap in financial education in the veterinary profession.

  • Learn about the direction the profession is going in and how we can make it better from speakers such as Dr. Dave Nicol and Bash Halow.

  • Gain financial knowledge in topics such as investing that you can take with you as you pursue your own dreams and goals.

  • Improve your negotiation skills so that you can get more of what you want whether you are hiring or job hunting.

What attendees said...

“The topics were so good that it was hard to choose between the two that were competing. I am grateful for the replay so I can go back and watch everything. I wish this had been something I found while still in vet school.”

Dr. Danielle Poll

“Very helpful, lots of great tips to get started saving & paying off debt.”

Dr. Kristen Negvesky

“Jeff Sanfords presentation was saturated with useful content. I will have to revisit that one. For me that was the highlight. He opened my eyes on how to approach and improve work culture. Very helpful. ”

Dr. Ryan Gipe

“What a weekend!! This was like VBMA on steroids and I know I’ll be attending next year as a veterinarian. ”

Hope Darnell

“Virtual conferences are tough for me. VFS did a great job with a variety and depth of information.”

Dr. Brittany Ciepluch

Course curriculum

    1. If It's Not a "Heck Yes!"... Then It's No

    2. Know Your Money Scripts

    3. Building Your Negotiation Toolkit

    4. Efficiency vs. Effectiveness - Your Practice Approach Could Affect 2024 Performance

    5. Navigating Private Vet-to-Vet Transitions - Using Benchmarks to Identify Opportunities

    6. Investing for the Future

    7. How to Attract Talent With Social Media

    8. Hot Topics: Associate Traps

    9. Managing a Practice During Economic Downturns

    10. Veterinary Management Benchmarks: Guidelines Goals, or Garbage?

    11. Let's Talk Compensation

    12. Triage Your Personal Finances

    13. Student Loan Payments Are Restarting: What You Need to Know

    14. Diversifying Your Portfolio Through Real Estate

    15. Hot Topics: Bitcoin Fundamentals

    16. The Gig Economy in Vet Med

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 16 lessons
  • 17.5 hours of video content
  • Includes 1 year of access