What You'll Learn

The Veterinary Financial Summit is the first and ONLY financial conference for veterinary professionals. Featuring sessions on Personal Finance & Practice Management topics, the Summit seeks to bridge the gap in financial education in the veterinary profession.

  • Includes recordings from THREE past Summits with content on practice management, investing, negotiation, student debt, and more.

  • Learn from experts on unique topics such as entrepreneurship, travel hacking, inventory management, and contracts.

  • Gain a wealth of practical knowledge that you can use in your own life and career.

What attendees said...

“I found many of the sessions to be inspiring. This conference exceeded my expectations. That being said, I found Meagan’s Student Loan Repayment Planning to be so incredibly useful. As someone who is trying to navigate a significant amount of debt this really helped point me in the right direction and her examples were so helpful. I also found both days of The Great Debate very informative.”

Dr. Christina Whitcomb

“This event was superbly organized and had a good diversity of topics related to finance and business. I learned from other speakers and found attending their talks beneficial. I feel this event is making a very positive contribution to the vet profession.”

Dr. Jim Clark

“I did like the balance / lifestyle / self care type of presentation. The advanced investing was helpful. The end part was very important and helpful!”

Dr. Ray Ramirez

“On a personal level I loved the Travel Hacking session. The practice valuation session was very helpful to me and where I am at in my career.”

Dr. Jennifer Iannaccone

“Thank you for developing this Summit! Great speakers and info!! I wish this was available in vet school! Loved all of the investment info as I feel like a toddler when it comes to that topic! This was such an amazing experience, thank you all for putting it together and for all of the speakers for sharing your talents!!”

Dr. Dawn Fiedorczyk

Course curriculum

    1. 5 Uncomfortable Truths About Your Practice Worth Knowing

    2. Let's Make a Deal: Contracts in Vet Med

    3. Identifying and Addressing Burnout in the Veterinary Profession

    4. Beyond Clinical Practice: Hybrid Roles

    5. Key Lessons on Practice Ownership

    6. Investing Basics for Beginners

    7. These 4 Numbers Will Determine the Future of Your Practice - Know Them Well

    8. Practice Management Speaker Roundtable

    9. Personal Finance Speaker Roundtable

    10. The Soapbox Series

    11. Negotiating From Both Sides of the Table

    12. Practical Advice for Emotionally Charged Client Convos

    13. Taming the Student Debt Monster

    14. Advanced Investing Strategies

    15. Show Me the Money! Compensation and Benefits

    16. Strategically (and Sustainably) Pricing Your Inventory

    1. I Found the Secret to Happiness

    2. Raising the Bar on Pricing

    3. The Great Debate Part 1

    4. Could a Practice Become Your Smartest Investment?

    5. 10 Easy Steps to Start a Business

    6. How to Design A Roadmap to Exit Your Practice

    7. Student Loan Repayment Planning - 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

    8. Travel Hacking

    9. Investing Basics for True Beginners

    10. Investing Nuggets for Seasoned Investors

    11. Personal Finance Speaker Roundtable

    12. Practice Management Speaker Roundtable

    13. Pearls of Entrepreneurship

    14. The Ideal Contract

    15. Soapbox - Starting the Unicorn Practice

    16. Be your Authentic Self

    17. 7 Daily Habits to Support Your Wellbeing

    18. If at First You Don't Succeed... Pivot

    19. Do This or Get Left Behind

    20. Communication and Workflow Changes in the Age of Stress

    21. How to Squeeze Your Inventory Before it Squeezes You

    22. Negotiate Like a Pro

    23. How to Get Passive Income Through Real Estate

    24. The Great Debate Part 2

    25. How to Increase Profitability Using Benchmarks and Trends

    1. Can You Reach Financial Freedom?

    2. Student Debt Panel

    3. Cover Your Assets

    4. Taming the Student Debt Monster

    5. The 3 Ps of Profit

    6. Investing 101

    7. A SOAP Approach to Diagnosing Practice Financial Health

    8. Managing Workflow and Communication Beyond COVID

    9. How to Live a Rich Life

    10. We Work Hard for the Money - Vet Compensation

    11. How To Generate Non-Clinical Income Ethically

    12. Top 10 Mistakes Affecting Culture, Care, and Compensation

    13. Practical Tips To Grow Revenue

    14. Practice Management Roundtable

    15. Personal Finance Roundtable

    16. How I Paid Off My Debt

    17. Startup or Acquisition?

    18. Passive Income 101

    19. Efficiency and Workflow

    20. Investing 201 and Exit Strategies

    21. Interpreting Your P & L: What to Do with All of Those Numbers!

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 62 lessons
  • 66 hours of video content
  • Includes 1 year of access